The team of the Bcn Shag Festival is very happy to welcome you all to the 4rd edition of this festival from 2nd-5th November!

The Barcelona Shag Festival is now the biggest event in the world exclusively dedicated to Collegiate Shag.


If you took part in previous editions, you will be happy to know that this year we’ll have some new teachers and staff, amazing MCs like last year, great DJs, bands, new venues for parties and also one day dedicated to competitions! We are all very excited!

*We have reviewed all comments from the survey sent last year and we have improved floors of the venues and classes for the good health of all students. Besides that we have located classes and venues in POBLENOU area in order to minimize transport costs and efficiency. Thank you all very much!

So this is the MENU

3 days of Collegiate Shag and St Louis Shag dance and all kinds of testers with amazing teachers.

3 nights of parties with live music and many more surprises that will be announced in the forthcoming weeks.

1 afternoon/evening dedicated to competitions followed by a party with live music



You have taken some collegiate shag classes, you know the basics and some movements. You want to get more inspiration to start feeling comfortable dancing shag. So far. Less than 1 year approximately.
You will be invited by the organization. You compete, you teach Collegiate Shag, you know the basics of St
Louis Shag, you can play with different rhythms (single, double, triple rhythm), you improve your own steps, you take part in teams and need a real push and inspiration from the teachers to get into a higher level. If you feel that you are in this level, send us an email to
Intermediate level.
You have been receiving collegiate shag classes for at least 1 year regularly and have attended some workshops. You are starting to dance shag socially and can follow or lead steps confortably. You learn quickly in class.
Advanced level. You start playing with rhythms, start competing, use to social dance with shag very often, you have attended many workshops already. You know the technique and how to improve and want to get new steps and new ideas to feel more comfortable.
You have been receiving classes for about 2 years now or you feel you have this level. You can clearly guide and follow by focusing on musicality.


You have received a tester or a few classes of st louis shag or you start from zero.
You know already the basics and you start adding some steps when you social dance. You want to receive steps and technique in order to start integrating the dance in your social life more and more.













November 2nd


Spank the Baby School – From 22:00h – 1:00h

Free Entrance only for FULL PASS students.




November 3rd

Party at Casino Aliança Poblenou


November 4th

REMEMBER OUR HALLOWEEN PARTY AS ALWAYS. Bring your best costume and go crazy!

Party at Casino Aliança Poblenou


November 5th


Party at Casino Aliança Poblenou


Dancers to rotate to partners ramdomly drawn in two heats to four 1 minute songs. Finals will consist of 3-5 rotations of one heat of music of varying tempos and lengths including a phrase battle style dance where each couple gets one 8 eight section, you will be judged as individuals, not as couples.
Prices: 1st-5th place medals – 300€ in total, broken down 1st-3rd place. Price: 15€ per person
This division is for St Louis Shag. For prelims, dancers to dance in groups depending on how many couples we will have. Finals to start with a short warm up song, then 2 couples out at a time for 16 8 counts for 2 rounds. Tempo second round will be faster.
Prizes: 1st-5th place medals – cash prizes broken down 1st-3rd place. Price: 15€ per person
The same as All-In but only for advanced dancers.
Couples will be dancing a song that will start slow and will end very quick. Judges will tap out.
You do not have to sign up. We expect everybody to join this competition!
It will be held on Saturday or Sunday.
This division is for Collegiate Shag. For prelims, dancers to dance in groups depending on how many couples we will have. Finals to start with a short warm up song, then 2 couples out at a time for 16 8 counts.
There will be several rounds.
Prices: 1st-5th place medals – 300€ in total, broken down 1st-3rd place. Price: 15€ per person
Minimum of three couples to perform a routine to their own music, song length to be between 3 and 4 1/2 minutes. Team competitors! For ease of performance, please send your informations and name of the team to Sara ( Song should be sent up until October 10th. Thanks for your cooperation!



All parties will be held at Casino Aliança Poblenou. POBLENOU Area

El Casino de l’Aliança de Poblenou was born on September 19, 1869 for cultural, recreational and welfare purposes with the creation of a brotherhood of mutual aid between partners. Although formed with interclassist and popular origins, with a worker as the first president, over time it would become a characteristic feature of the middle classes, menestral and small owners of the neighborhood of Pueblo Nuevo, always maintaining its liberal character.


The entity lived two difficult historical times during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, which closed the society a few months, and during the civil war, when the Casino, already in the new building, about to be burned, was seized by the Committee Of Defense of the Republic.


Its theater has been the framework of numerous activities of cultural and social type of citizen transcendence, such as the campaigns of “theater off”.

In 1878 the first theater hall was opened, which was located on Wad-Ras Street No. 20, until in 1919 a new one was erected on Wad-Ras, a corner of the New Town known as the Old Covenant.

In 1928 the new entity Casino La Alianza was established and in 1929 the first stone of the new building was placed, which was finally completed in 1944. The theater is located on the Rambla del Pueblo Nuevo, no. 42.




Centre Moral Poblenou


Take note all classes will be held in POBLENOU area.

Some classes will be held at Casino Aliança Poblenou as well.


We will update Schedule in October 2017


* Group discount: 10% discount for minimum 5 couples. One payment

Competitions will be held on November 5th

J&J and Strictly – 15€ per person


Endurance Competition & TEAM FOR FREE during the weekend – We will announce it during the festival.


We will post the schedule and auditions some weeks before the festival



  • We do not refund once payment has been made. You can sell your pass to another student. We can always help you in case we have some students on waiting list.



  • You should register individually and your partner too. The only exception is for Groups, you should send an email with all members. You will have all instructions in the registration process.
  • For Shag Team, you can add one person who will pay for the whole group
  • For the rest of competitions, you should register individually and add your partner on it in case of Strictly.