Welcome everybody ! BENVINGUTS !

The team of the Bcn Shag Festival is very happy to welcome you all to the 6th edition of this festival from :
So come and share 3 days with the Shag Familia. We have prepared some new competitions and great prizes, preparty, a new band for this edition, new testers, great performances, and some surprises that you will see during the festival !
Thank you all for being here! Without you, it wouldn’t be possible!
Big hugs from Sara, Pol & SpanktheBaby


BCN Shag Festival Paella 2019

Paella will be on Sunday afternoon after classes. You can get your tickets at Registrations. Join us!!



Gastro Shag – Paella Day

We are gonna be drinking, eating and having a good time on Sunday after classes very close to the main venue, outdoors. Paella time!
What’s included?
Salad, Paella, Bread, Drink, Water / Wine / Soda ( to be shared in one table)
You can add:
Coffee or similar , Dessert – Ice cream / Lemon Cake / Chocolate Cake


Mini Wolf

You have taken some collegiate shag classes, you know the basics and some movements.
You want to get more inspiration to start feeling comfortable dancing shag.
So far. Less than 1 year approximately.


You compete, you teach Collegiate Shag, you know the basics of St Louis Shag, you can play with different rhythms (single, double, triple rhythm), you improve your own steps, you take part in teams and need a real push and inspiration from the teachers to get into a higher level. If you feel that you are in this level, send us an email to shagbcn@gmail.com. If we agree, then please go ahead and register through the website.

Wolf Teeth

Intermediate level.
You have been receiving collegiate shag classes for at least 1 year regularly and have attended some workshops. You are starting to dance shag socially and can follow or lead steps confortably. You learn quickly in class.

Vomit Commet

Advanced level. You start playing with rhythms, start competing, use to social dance with shag very often, you have attended many workshops already. You know the technique and how to improve and want to get new steps and new ideas to feel more comfortable.
You have been receiving classes for about 2 years now or you feel you have this level. You can clearly guide and follow by focusing on musicality.


Over the tops

This track is 50% Collegiate Shag and 50% St Louis Shag, 3 hours each.
Collegiate Shag – You can choose your level detailed above.
St Louis Shag – You should have an intermediate level. You use st louis shag when you social dance. You want to receive steps and technique in order to start integrating the dance in your social life more and more and start challenge yourself also for competitions. 












Shakin ‘All will transport you to the universe of vintage music, a territory on the border between Jazz, Blues, Rock n’ Roll and the Gospel.
Themes of the 20s, 30s, 40s, versions of Louis Jordan, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Louis Prima … played by six excellent musicians, authentic specialists in classical jazz.
Check them out: http://shakinswing.com

Hot Swing Sextet

HOT SWING SEXTET invites you to go back in time for a trip in the frenetic atmosphere of jazz clubs of the 30s.
Between Paris and Harlem, between Django Reinhardt and Duke Ellington, through Louis Armstrong, The Hot Swing Sextet organized for you, a trip “made to measure” direction: “Swing”.
Embark with these six young musicians bursting with energy. “Swing”, “swaying” and good humor are on the program of this great crossing of “middle-jazz”

Meschiya Lake

New Orleans is a place where the timeless sounds of jazz fill the air on any given night. One particularly notable voice in this great city is the smooth and sultry ragtime sound of Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns. Lake, who has called the Crescent City home for over ten years, has quite the interesting past. Her career began in a South Dakota steakhouse at age nine, where she won a $500 singing contest, and years down the road she ended up in a traveling circus. Check her website: www.meschiyalake.com/

DJ Arnas & his team

A traveling swing dance instructor and jazz enthusiast, driven by the pure joy and power of swing, widely known as DJ Rhythm Lord or just One O’Clock Jump DJ, Arnas is selecting tunes as if he were dancing non-stop on the dance floor. Many big name events like Herräng Dance Camp, Rock That Swing Festival, Balkan Lindy Hop Championships cover his reputation as a great competition, social dance, party party DJ and DJ-coordinator with professional work ethics and great taste in dance music. We are very happy to have him this edition again!


The MCs that will bring a show and excite everybody!


Thursday, October 31st.

PREPARTY ( A Jay Wade & The Tennessee Nr9) & WELCOME EVERYBODY!

Tapas Tour
Party at Sala Vivaldi
8€ for Full passes and party passes
15€ general entry

Friday, November 1st

(Hot Swing Sextet)

Competitions & Classes

Party at Casino Aliança Poblenou
Included in Full pass and Party pass

Saturday, November 2nd

(Meschiya Lake & Shakin’All)


Bring your best costume and go crazy!

Competitions & Classes

Party at Casino Aliança Poblenou
Included in Full pass and Party pass

Sunday, November 3rd 

(Meschiya Lake & Shakin’All)

Classes in the morning only.

Goodbye party!
Included in Full pass and Party pass



Couples will be dancing a song that will start slow and will end very quick. Judges will tap out.
You do not have to sign up. We expect everybody to join this competition!
It will be held on Friday or Saturday.

Shag All-In

Dancers to rotate to partners randomly drawn in two heats to four 1 minute songs. Finals will consist of 3-5 rotations of one heat of music of varying tempos and lengths including a phrase battle style dance where each couple gets one 8 eight section, you will be judged as individuals, not as couples.
Prices: 1st-5th place medals – cash prizes 300€ in total, broken down 1st-3rd place. Price: 15€ per person

Salty Jitterbug Contest

BCN Shag Team and London’s Salty Jitterbugs have joined forces to bring this ultimate competition, the Salty Jitterbugs Contest! No dance style restrictions. Participate solo, as a couple or as a team. The winner will be decided through a series of dance battles, each taking 16 eights. The contest will be judged by the audience via a state of the art real-time voting system! Prices: 1st-3rd place medals, one medal per team – Price: FOR FREE. Only 1st wins Mind the Shag Festival 2020 PARTY PASS.

Collegiate Shag Strictly

This division is for Collegiate Shag. For prelims, dancers to dance in groups depending on how many couples we will have. Finals to start with a short warm up song, then 2 couples out at a time for 16 8 counts.
There will be several rounds.
Prices: 1st-5th place medals – cash prizes 300€ in total, broken down 1st-3rd place. Price: 15€ per person

Shag Advanced

The same as All-In but only for advanced dancers


SHOWCASE FOR FREE. Show us what you can do! Couples or Double couples. Songs to be sent the latest on October 1st –

St Louis Shag Strictly

This division is for St Louis Shag. For prelims, dancers to dance in groups depending on how many couples we will have. Finals to start with a short warm up song, then 2 couples out at a time for 16 8 counts for 2 rounds. Tempo second round will be faster.
Prizes: 1st-5th place medals. Price: 15€ per person


This is not a competition. We want as many performances possible! Minimum of 2 couples to perform a routine to their own music, song length to be between 3 and 4 1/2 minutes. For ease of performance, please send your informations and name of the team to Shagbcn@gmail.com. Song should be sent up until October 1st. Thanks for your cooperation!


All parties on Friday and Saturday and Sunday will be held at Casino Aliança Poblenou. POBLENOU Area.

Thursday Preparty will be held at Sala Vivaldi.

There will be night buses from Poblenou area to Sala Vivaldi.


Remember that classes will be held already on Friday November 1st.
There will be held at Casino, CEM CAN Felipa and Hotel Ilunion

Casino de l’Aliança de Poblenou

Hotel Ilunion

Casino de l’Aliança de Poblenou

Hotel Ilunion

Take note all classes will be held in POBLENOU area.

Some classes will be held at Casino Aliança Poblenou as well.


Remember that classes will be held already on Friday November 1st.
* Schedule will be posted some weeks before the festival.


* Group discount: Special price of 175€ (subject to changes, it will increase according to the amount of people registered, so the sooner you sign is as a group the better to keep the first price)

  • Only couples, not single dancers. Minimum 5 couples.
  • 50% payment in advance / 50% cash upon arrival
  • In case of cancellation of the group total or partially, we do not refund 50% of the payment.
  • 1 person makes the registration for the group. Send and email to shagbcn@gmail.com with names, surnames, email and level of the full pass of each member of the group.
  • You can not reduce the total amount of members of the group once registered.
  • Participants of the festival which have been already registered with a full pass can not be members of a group.
BCN Shag Festival Party Pass

Competitions will be held from Friday to Sunday.

M&M and Strictly – 15€ per person
Salty Jitterbug FOR FREE
Endurance – FOR FREE
Team and Showcase – FOR FREE
* Cash prizes – M&M & Strictly



  • We do not refund once payment has been made. You can sell your pass to another student from the same level and role. We could change level and role in case of available spots.
  • We can always help you in case we have some students on waiting list.
  • The Organiser is not liable for any costs incurred by the Participant if the Event completely or partially has to be cancelled.
  • In case an artist cancels, we will do our best to replace him/her in the most appropriate way possible.


  • You should register individually and your partner too. The only exception is for Groups, you should send an email with all members. You will have all instructions in the registration process.
  • For the rest of competitions, you should register individually and add your partner on it in case of Strictly.
  • Participants of the festival which have been already registered with a full pass can not be members of group.
  • If you want to compete but do not want to take classes, you should buy a PARTY Pass ticket.
  • If you register for Waiting List you should pay a deposit of 50€. In case you cancel, we will not refund the deposit. If the organization cancels, we will refund accordingly.